Happy Street – First concepts and prototype screenshots

// October 8th, 2012 // Happy Street

We found a few concept arts we did exactly a year ago, that was the very first thing we ever made on Happy Street.

You can probably recognize a few elements which are today in the game.


And after a week of work we had this running prototype. We had a different art style than the one we have in the game today. It was more of a city/urban style that was definitely missing the nature and village side that we ended up choosing.




  • Looks way too square.

  • That is awesome.  You simply have to work in the music dog somehow eventually!

  • Alexandru Tataru

    I love Happy Street. You really did a great job. Hope I do not loose my data somehow because that would be heartbreaking.

  • omg i love this! looks so japanese, you guys should create another version.

  • Honestly, I prefer the art style of the current one… but change is good i guess… keep up the good work guys! 

  • I am a total Happy Street fan. I am on it all day. At first I wanted directions how to play. But now I like discovering the new secrets as I progress.

  • Kristina Chen

    Hey Godzilab! Check out this awesome fan drawing from a Tumblr user on Happy Street! AWESOME, RIGHT?! 😀 

  • jeaney

    Want a Cookie Shop!!! 🙂

  • Guest

    Dare we hope for a Fourth of July theme?

    Just a thought. 😉